Ongoing Review & Improvement of Processes

Each of the 21 processes described by the Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group will be reviewed regularly by a broad base of participants to ensure oversight and effective monitoring.

The Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group identified and compiled recommendations from reports over the past several years and linked each report recommendation to 21 academic processes. Report Recommendations for Ongoing Review & Improvement of Processes

21.0 Ongoing Review and Improvement of Processes

Many of the processes documented by the Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group (SAAIWG) are critical to maintaining the academic integrity of the University. It is important that a group of individuals continue to meet at least once per semester for process review and enhancement.

21.1 Process Review Group

UNC will continue to support an atmosphere of academic and athletic excellence. Going forward, a group of University leaders and faculty, with the guidance of the Provost and the Director or Athletics, will continue to monitor, review, assess, document and recommend improvements to academic processes for student-athletes at UNC.

The group that conducts this regular review will be a custodian of student-athlete process documentation. The group will respond when a change needs to be made, and changes will be reflected on the Academic Processes for Student-Athletes website. This is a time of substantial change for collegiate athletics. Ongoing environmental scanning will be necessary; the group will monitor national and conference level changes and advise on institutional changes accordingly.

21.2 Process Review Group Responsibilities

  • Work directly with members of the Faculty Athletics Committee topic groups to communicate and collaborate on process improvement efforts, share information and bring forward issues and trends that impact the academic and university experiences of student-athletes. The PRG will use this website, as well as project management tracking software maintained by the Chancellor’s Office (i.e., WorkZone), to track progress in this area.
  • Communicate and coordinate with relevant departments to monitor, review, assess and document academic processes related to student-athletes to ensure that these processes always strengthen and support the academic integrity of the University.
  • Provide regular and objective reporting to the Chancellor, the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC), the Faculty Athletics Committee (FAC) and the Department of Athletics.
  • Recommend changes and improvements to processes.
  • Lead innovative thinking and approaches to the academic experience of student-athletes.
  • Maintain the Academic Processes for Student Athletes website to ensure that it accurately describes what we are doing and how we are doing it.
  • Continue collaboration with the Faculty Athletics Committee on relevant issues.

21.3 Process Review Group Members

  • Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
  • Athletic Director
  • Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
  • Vice Provost for Enrollment and Undergraduate Admissions
  • Assistant Provost and Director of the Academic Support Program for Student Athletes
  • One non-athlete undergraduate student representative
  • Two Student Athlete Advisory Council representatives (one female, one male)
  • Three faculty representatives (not members of the Faculty Executive Committee or Faculty Athletics Committee)
  • Faculty Athletics Representative
  • Consultant (reports directly to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and acts as liaison to the Faculty Athletics Committee)