Acronym/Initials Full Name
AAP Academic Advising Program (in College of Arts & Sciences)
ACC Atlantic Coast Conference
ACS Advanced Compliance Solutions
AD Athletics Director
ADHD/LD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Learning Disability
APR Academic Progress Rate
ARS Accessibility Resources and Service
ASA Athletics Scholarship Agreement
ASPSA Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes
BE By Exam
CAPS Counseling and Psychological Services
CARE “Compliance, ASPSA and Registrar Engagement”
CLA Carolina Leadership Academy
CSSAC Center of Student Success and Academic Counseling
DHRE Department of Housing and Residential Education
FAC Faculty Athletics Committee
FAR Faculty Athletics Representative
FEC Faculty Executive Committee
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FGR Federal Graduation Rate
GPA Grade Point Average
GRR Get Ready to Register
GSR Graduation Success Rate
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
LEEP Learning Engagement and Enhancement Program
MAP My Academic Plan
MAR Minimum Academic Requirements
MCR Minimum Core Requirements
NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association
NLI National Letter of Intent
NSCPP New Student and Carolina Parent Programs
OSC Office of Student Conduct
OSSA Office of Student Scholarships and Aid
PGPA Predicted Grade Point Average
PID Person ID Number
PRAC Priority Registration Advisory Committee
PSA Prospective Student-Athlete
SAAC Student-Athlete Advisory Council
SAAIWG Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group
SAAC Student-Athlete Advisory Council
SAF Student Assistance Fund
SCORES Summer College Opportunities for Realizing Educational Success
TBI Traumatic Brain Injury